Ever since he could walk he played the drums. Years later, at the age of 14, his musical journey took a different turn by the purchase of 2 Turntables. After a lot of broken drumsticks, tons of vinyl records and even cassette tapes Juvanice digitalized his journey and built himself a studio. When music runs through your vanes like this young dj, there is just one goal. And that’s making it in the music industry. One way or the other.

In 2009 Juval Jurgens starts performing under the name of Juvanice. This name was born when a friend mispronounced his former nickname. The Amsterdam nightlife intrigued Juval immediately and pulled him right in. Within a year he had played in all the big clubs. Gaining some recognition in his hometown the way abroad lays ahead. He played at several famous Beachclubs on Dutch ground and in 2010 he made his first international flight to Pacha Salou (Spain) and later on Malaysia Val thorens (France).

After years of practice at his parents loft finally it created some result. It is no coincidence that several clubs and talent scouts were impressed by the energy and skills the dj/producer showed behind the booth. This multitalented artist is more than experienced in the house industry but just can just as easy perform an urban/eclectic set. Growing up with hip hop, soul and jazz he created a wide interest in music.

2011 was a year with ups and downs but Juvanice managed to stay focused and proceeded in his musical journey. More time was spent in his studio and several tracks are waiting to be released.

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